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Company Culture

  4. TRUST

    the axis of Chinese and Thai culture 。

    The basic meaning is: balance, understanding, persistence, tolerance.
    Symbolizes the Chinese and Thai people, perseverance personality. At the same time, it has the rich connotation of concentric efforts and prosperous career.


    the pursuit of Chinese and Thai culture。

    The basic meaning is: the mean, the middle way, no more than. It symbolizes the wisdom of the Chinese and Thai people to follow the Tao and govern the Chinese.
    At the same time, it has the rich connotation of wisdom and harmony.


    the realm of Chinese and Thai culture。

    The basic meaning is: peace, harmony, harmony. Symbolizes the Chinese and Thai people to peace for the expensive, kind attitude.
    At the same time, it has the rich connotation of respecting personality and creating harmony.


    It's the code of ZHONGTAI culture。

    The basic meaning is: mindfulness, right action, honesty and trustworthiness. It symbolizes the quality that the Chinese and Thai people believe and act.
    At the same time have credibility to. The rich connotation of being honest with others.

  • Enterprise Mission:

    Enrich People Promote Xinjiang Construct Motherland

    Enrich People:
    Benefit employees, benefit people's livelihood, make employees rich in economy, spirit and happiness.
    Promote Xinjiang:
    Enterprise development, for local economic construction, feeding society, for the stability of Xinjiang.
    Construct Motherland:
    Strong and excellent enterprises, to continuously enhance the competitiveness of China's chemical industry and unremitting efforts.
  • Corporate vision

    The world's first - class
    Status of Energy Enterprise Group

    New era, new weather, new action
    Integrate "Belt and Road ", vigorously promote supply-side structural reform, continuously improve technology readiness, continuously improve management level, continuously promote innovation and development, constantly consolidate industrial status, continuously strengthen capital function, continuously optimize scale level, continuously upgrade brand image, continuously expand space scope, continuously extend time span, constantly highlight beautiful chemical connotation, and achieve world-class energy and chemical enterprise group with world-class status, be the leader of innovation development, coordinated development, green development, open development and shared development.
  • Corporate Core Values

    For the sake of the public, filial piety is the first and the most important

    people - oriented
    Employees are the first resource of the enterprise, development depends on employees, development for employees.
    Public first
    National interests, national interests, enterprise interests to. On the whole,
    Local interests obey the overall interests.
    Filial piety comes first:
    Grateful society, grateful enterprises, grateful parents, filial piety, good friends, abide by social ethics,
    Professional ethics, family virtue, personal morality.
    Tolerance, virtue, unity and cooperation, work together, live in harmony, harmonious development.
    Pepsi for the people, all want to do the public ,100 good filial piety first
  • spirit of enterprise

    Hard work and dedication

    The spirit of China and Thailand is the concrete embodiment of China's excellent traditional culture, revolutionary culture and advanced culture. It is the precious spiritual wealth formed by the people of China and Thailand in 60 years of innovation and entrepreneurship. It is the essence of the study and inheritance of the Chinese and Thai people. The main performance is: down-to-earth, hard work spirit; regardless of time, regardless of pay dedication; load forward, indomitable enterprising spirit; courage to climb, self-improvement innovation spirit.